Caltec Academy is located on Makerere hill, West of Makerere University campus. The school address is P. O. Box 30921 Kampala. The administration may also be reached by telephone using the following number: 0414 530916, or by E-mail: caltecacademyfic@yahoo.com


Caltec Academy is a private, day, co-educational Institution which has been run by the Brothers of Christian Instruction Kisubi since 1973. It is registered with, and recognized by, the Ministry of Education and Sports. The Academy is unique in that it was the first to offer post-secondary courses only at the Advanced level, teaching a wide spectrum of disciplines in both arts and sciences, with a bias on science and related subjects in the Sciences and Arts.


1. To impart Christian, moral and practical values and skills respectively.
2. To produce the most disciplined semi-urban mixed day school.
3. To evolve into the epicenter of academic excellence
4. Create a wide public awareness of existence of the O-level at Caltec Academy and boost the O-level enrolment to equal that of the A-level.
5. - To meet the peculiar needs (matters) related to the education of the girl-child and raise their number to the Ministry Of Education's minimum of 45% of the school population.


To educate the youth and enable them to grow and develop in the catholic faith, responsible leadership and responsive service to society.


To be a semi urban co-educational senior secondary school of academic excellence, offering catholic education and instilling Christian and civic values.



Faith and Toil


The school's aim is to help students grow and develop into mature Christian leaders and citizens of upright and dependable character, fully responsible to God, to society and to themselves, with a readiness to serve.